Day: August 17, 2014

Plastacine Monsters on Super 8

Read about the super 8, monster making, film exploits in Cine 8-16 Magazine today! Many thanks to Eberhard Nuffer and Uwe Brengel of Cine 8-16 magazine for asking me to write about my Super 8 “monster epics” and the wonderful job on the article.A nice quality magazine dedicated to our favourite film gauges. My […]

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6th Annual Backyard Super 8 Theater {2014}

Well another event has come and gone and a fun time was had by all. The weather forecast was grim all day with a chance of rain and thunder showers sitting at 70%. Thought I might have to call it, but heck, the show must go on and I was prepared for a quick shutdown. […]

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